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docxQ: Can I share a push notification to my Windows Phone using a web browser? Is it possible for a Windows Phone to receive and respond to a push notification that has been sent from a web server? A: At least the Exchange one can. The server may or may not provide an HTTP interface to the notifications - if it does, then you can use something like SoapUI to play around with the notifications on the web interface. If it doesn't, then you'll have to use something more directly HTTP in a programmatic fashion. The Exchange 2013 messages are treated differently from the Exchange 2010/2007 ones - they are in an HTTP-formatted stream, and the web interface in 2013 is HTTP-based, unlike the other versions. You can also use a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) to navigate to the Exchange 2010/2007 web management interface, navigate to the notification area, and choose a notification - in that case you'll get a standard browser page, as with any notification. If you do this then you can just find the 'exchange' section and the web notifications. (Another browser - say Firefox - may not be able to actually deliver the messages to your phone though) Q: Why doesn't join give a recursive result? Data Type : FLOAT Value : 0.00750000 I want to get a single record for all the data type. So I tried : SELECT DISTINCT F1.col1 FROM MyTable AS F1 INNER JOIN MyTable AS F2 ON F1.col2 = F2.col



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